Cape Coral is one of the most strategically located places on the planet. The city is always buzzing with various activities making it the best place to be for those who love the enjoyment that is brought about by outdoor activities. Cape Coral has all sorts of fun and exciting things to do for both the young and the old alike. The city has great social amenities scattered all over and is typically a holiday get away for people up north. The year-round pleasant weather is a major attraction. This is one of those places that will light up your day regardless of how dull your day might seem. Cape Coral and surrounding areas like Fort Myers and Bonita Springs have plenty of real estate investment opportunities. Some of the things that makes Cape Coral very attractive and coveted by people all over the globe are:
It's proximity to the Gulf of Mexico - anywhere from 10 - 40 minutes on average.

The Vast Amount of Both Fresh and Saltwater Fishing
Kayaking and paddle boarding - Cape Coral has more canals then any place in the WORLD!
While most people only hear of the Gulf of Mexico, some Cape Coral residents live only a few minutes or miles away from the Gulf of Mexico. There are more than four hundred miles of canals that give residents and other people an easy reach to the Gulf of Mexico and it makes it a great place to live or cost for any boat enthusiast. With lots of new properties surrounded by the beautiful waters, you can easily make use of these canals for boat days and fishing.

The Recreational Activities
There are so many recreational activities that will keep you well entertained. Many people tend to travel to this destination with the aim of spoiling themselves with the seemingly unlimited fun and adventure. Below are some of the most involved activities to look out for whether a tourist or a local. Some of these activities range from day to day to annual events.

Experience the Kayaks
With the abundance of water throughout the area, you can easily get your kayak in the water and move around enjoying the scenic view. If you lack a kayak of your own, don’t worry, there are plenty of local spots that rent kayaks to anyone. Most kayak rental shops also offer Kayaking lessons and other related programs. You will be taken through the basics from launching the Kayaks in water all through to directing it. After successfully completing the program you should have the necessary skills to explore the local waterways on your own with confidence. This is a very good activity for anyone who loves exploring the waters or is looking for a little bit of exercise while enjoying nature.

Canal Fishing
With the long stretches of canals in Cape Coral, you can do a lot of fishing in this area. The type of fish you will get depends on whether you are on the saltwater canals or the freshwater canals. In saltwater canals expect more of the jacks, catfish, snappers, and stingrays. If you will be on the freshwater canals be ready to catch anything from peacock bass to crabs. These canals harbor so many fish that you shouldn't be surprised if you pull out a bull shark. If you have no idea on how to fish, you can pick it up with ease, lots of bait and tackle shops will be more than happy to show you the basics. This activity will often help you fade off your days calmly and gently without any problems.

Explore the Area on a Cruise
If Kayaking proves too much and too difficult, you can always rent a sunset cruise that comes with a guide. The guide’s work is to make sure that he/she shows you around the place. If you find a knowledgeable guide, you will be able to see plenty of marine life including the dolphins and manatees. Unlike other activities that involve working your muscle, cruising around the area is relaxing. Anyone can do this even a young toddler in the company of the parents. It is also a good way if you want to experience the evening breeze.

Visit the Islands
There are many small islands just off shore that can surely make your day busy by just visiting them. You can access these islands by renting a boat or even by taking a kayak. These islands have different features all which are unique and distinct. So, don't think that what you will find on one island is what you will find on the other. There are also plenty of investment properties in the area for anyone seeking a good calm place to live. These properties are strategically located only a few minutes from the famous Gulf of Mexico.

For those people who like taking pictures wherever they go, you will find the sites along the coast with incredible sunsets. With lots of tree cover and awesome environment, you can easily get the best pictures that will make your friends who don’t live in the cape jealous. While on the water you can easily capture sunset pictures. The long stretch of water can also give you a good background for photos of the numerous different bird species native to Southwest Florida. This beautiful natural city is all you need to have an album full of stunning photos varying from the city, to the gulf, and wildlife. If you are a photography enthusiast and you have never thought of taking a trip to the Cape Coral, you should start planning one, the views will amaze you.


Hiking and Biking
Through out the Cape there are many hiking trails and bike paths. To make hiking more fun, take a trip to the jungle at the ecological reserves at  Pine Island. Pine island is just a short drive from Cape Coral. Pine Island has great hiking walkways which can lead you to the waterfronts. There are so many routes, all which are interesting to hike on because of the amazing scenery and wildlife. Cape Coral is also a friendly biking community with bike rentals that are ready for you to take them for a spin. You get to see some fantastic sites such as the Caloosahatchee River and the Gulf of Mexico. All this has been made possible by the great network of bike routes throughout the Cape, and the year round warm weather. This makes day trips for hiking and biking around town possible and enjoyable.

It is evident that the three main factors that make Cape Coral a great place is it’s location, the boating access to all of the canals and the year round incredible weather. With interesting recreational activities available throughout the year as well as annual festivals like the festival of lights around Christmas time, Cape Coral is definitely one of the most interesting places to be. Cape Coral has thousands of canals running thorough out the area, giving you the opportunity to settle along either freshwater canals or saltwater canals depending on your preference. It is among the few places that you can easily have a home with direct access to a beautiful body of water with a great breeze and easy access to the gulf. Cape Coral is indeed the best place to settle or visit.