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Feb. 28, 2019

Cape Coral Irish Festival

Come celebrate the Irish in you by attending the Irish festival. The annual Cape Coral Irish festival is taking place Saturday March 2nd and Sunday the 3rd from 10am-8pm on both days. The Irish Festival is a Cape Coral tradition and a fun family friendly event for people of all ages. In 2003 The Cape Coral Irish American Club was founded to educate community members about Irish culture, history, dance, art, folklore, poetry, and many more aspects of the Irish culture. The 2019 Irish festival will be taking place at the back of the German American Club, located at 2101 SW Pine Island Road, Cape Coral, FL 33991. Beware, you may see some rainbows and even a leprechaun or two. There will even be a pot'o'gold!


Celebrate Irish American culture in your own backyard by attending the festival while wearing some green, drinking some Irish beer - WARNING - don't drink like an Irishman, eating some Irish food, all while enjoying the company of other members in the community. A lot of Internationally recognized bands will be playing live sets as well as a live Irish  musical. Some of the bands that will be in attendance are Albannach, Jamison Celtic Rock, West of Galway, Brendan Nolan, the Lee County Pipers, Irish step dancers, Screaming Orphans, and many more!  Elaborate Irish costumes will be plentiful from entertainers scattered throughout the festivals grounds. The dance tent is open from 1pm - 5pm both days. Raffles for a “pot o’ gold” will be done several times a day, and a raffle for a trip for 2 to Ireland will be drawn on Sunday March 3rd at 8pm to close out the last day of the festival all raffles are only $5 a ticket. The prize includes Airfare from New York to Dublin, A rental car for a week and a bed & breakfast. People from all over Lee County and Southwest Florida attend this event.


The festival is family friendly with lots of activities on Leprechaun Lane, like arts and crafts for the kids, and even rides. Free face painting, games, arts & crafts, and rides are just some of the activities you and your family can enjoy. If you’ve ever been curious on how to dance the Irish jig you can take free lessons in the dance hall.



At the festival you can expect to eat a lot of traditional Irish food, Like Corned beef sandwiches, corned beef dinners served with cabbage, boiled potatoes, and carrots. Other Traditional Irish foods are available like shepherds pie, potato pancakes, Peppers with sausage, and for the less adventurous, hotdogs. Irish food is a huge part of Irish culture and history, Ireland was very reliant on potatoes so a couple hundred years ago when a disease that killed potato crop struck the country, it killed roughly a million people and displaced another million. Resulting in one of if not the most deadly famine in history.




The current schedule may change at anytime but to give you a rough idea on what to expect and when here it is:

Saturday March 2nd

10- Opening ceremony with Brendan Nolan

11:15- West Of Galway

12- Lee County Pipes and Drums

12:20- Kellyn Celtic Arts Dance Irish


2:05- Screaming Orphans

2:50-3:05-50/50 Raffle Drawing

3:05- Derek Warfield And The Young Wolftones

4:05 -Rathkeltair

4:50- Kellyn Celtic Arts Dance Irish

5:20- Screaming Orphans

6:05-6:20- 50/50 Raffle Drawing

6:20- Albannach

7:15- Jamison Celtic Rock

Dance Tent- 1PM TO 5PM

Children’s Games And Crafts – 12 TO 5PM




Sunday March 3rd

10- Roman Catholic  Mass

11- Brendan Nolan

11:30 Lee -County Pipes And Drums

12- West Of Galway

12:55- Albannach

1:40-Kellyn Celtic Arts Dance Irish

2:05-Screaming Orphans

2:50-3:05-50/50 Raffle Drawing

3:05-Derek Warfield And The Young Wolftones

4:05PM Rathkeltair

4:50- Kellyn Celtic Arts Dance Irish

5:20- Screaming Orphans

6:05-6:20- 50/50 Raffle Drawing

6:20- Albannach

7:15- Jamison Celtic Rock

8-Trip To Ireland Raffle Drawing

Children’s Games And Crafts 12 To 5PM

Ceili Dance Tent 1PM To 5PM



Last year over 6,000 people attended the two day festival and attendance is expected to rise this year. Admission for people over the age of 12 is $10 and 12 and under get in free. This will be the 15th Irish festival so if you haven’t been already now is your only chance to go until 2020. Proceeds go towards the Cape Coral Irish American club and the scholarships they offer. Both scholarships they offer (the Richard Mahigan & the Joseph Cobb Memorial Scholarship) have the winners announced at the annual Irish festival. The Richard Mahigan scholarship is awarded once a year during the Irish American festival to promote Irish culture and heritage.  This scholarship was started by the Mahigan Family to honor Richard Mahigan who immersed his life in Irish culture.  Irish American culture is alive and well thanks to the Richard Mahigan family who created the scholarship fund in his memory.  The scholarship is also funded by the generosity of Cape Coral Irish American club members, volunteers, local businesses, community organizations, Roman Catholic churches and attendees of the annual Cape Coral Irish American festival. The Mahigan Scholarship to students with a passion for Irish music and culture; and those who help to advance the study of Irish culture. The Joseph Cobb Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by members of the Cape Coral Irish American Club in the memory of Joseph Charles Cobb. Joseph Charles Cobb was a very active person in Cape Corals Irish American club and community. Joseph Charles Cobb was a former Cape Coral Irish American Club President and Festival Chairman for several years. The purpose of the scholarship is to promote Irish culture in young people, and is awarded annually at the Cape Coral Irish American Festival. The Irish American Festival is a 15 year old Cape Coral tradition that celebrates Irish culture found right here in Southwest Florida. It is a great way to learn more about this very passionate culture for you and your home family. So grab some friends and family and eat, drink, sing, and dance at the 15th annual Irish American festival.

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Feb. 20, 2019

Threatened And Endangered Species In Cape Coral


We are not the only ones to call Cape Coral home, several threatened or endangered species also live in the wonderful city of Cape Coral.  Animals like the burrowing owl (Cape Corals city bird), the gopher tortious, and the eastern indigo snake all call Cape Coral home. In this blog I’m going to talk about these animals, some background information on them, what is being done to protect them, and what you can do as a resident of Cape Coral to help keep these species around for generations to come.


The Burrowing Owl: 


In our last blog we talked a lot about burrowing owls and the annual burrowing owl festival. The burrowing owl is the city bird of Cape Coral and while it is on the threatened species list they can be found all around the Cape. They have only been on the threatened species list since late 2016.  Burrowing owls are cute little birds who unlike other owl species make their nests underground in burrows (hence the name burrowing owl). Burrowing owls are about the same height as a soda can and have a 20-24 inch wingspan. They play an important role in controlling the pest population of rats and insects in Cape Coral, which is a big reason we want to keep them here.  Burrowing owls first came to Cape Coral in the 1950’s as the land was being developed and cleared out. Burrowing owls love to make their burrows in empty lots and places without a lot of tree cover which is why they love Cape Coral. As the city has started to fill up and more houses being built every year on the empty lots the burrowing owl has been loosing its prime nesting areas. The owls will live in the same burrow for as long as they can, but land development has been causing them to relocate, and space is running out. Cape Corals city council has signed a few new bills to raise the penalties for destroying owl burrows, and made it so city police officers can enforce the statue protecting burrowing owls, and their burrows. One way to help the threatened burrowing owl that is highly recommended is to build a starter burrow in your yard to give the animal a home that may have been lost when the house was built. To make a starter burrow you must first find an area on your property that is open with little to no tree cover, then take a shovel and dig about a foot into the ground piling dirt around the entrance to the hole, lastly make a wooden perch in a T shape to get an owls attention.  We should all do this method because not only are you helping to save a threatened species but you’re house will be better protected from rodents insects and snakes!


         The Gopher Tortoise:


The gopher tortoise is an ancient North American reptile who has been around for around 60 million years but has been on the endangered species list since 1988. The main reason the gopher tortoise has started to go extinct is because of habitat loss. Just like the burrowing owl gopher tortoises dig burrows that they share with almost 350 other species. Since so many animals use their burrows they are a keystone species vital to to ecosystems they are a part of. If they were to go extinct there could be disastrous effects on other species that utilize their burrows for shelter. Because they like to build their burrows in flat sandy/grassy areas with little to no tree cover, they use the empty lots we build our homes on found throughout Cape Coral as their main source for suitable burrows. Their burrows have a distinct half moon shape at the entrance. Tortoises can be mistaken for turtles by some people and placed into water when found after they falsely assume the tortoise was going to the water, it is important to not do this because they are land living animals who will drown if put in a lake, canal, or stream. It is a felony to move, harass, feed, or kill a gopher tortoise, it is also a felony to destroy or damage the burrows and eggs. If you find a gopher tortoise is living in your yard here are a few things to do; keep small children and pets like dogs and cats away from the burrow, use tortoise friendly plants in your yard to keep them from having to cross the road to find food, mow around the burrow leaving the entrance alone, and do not fence or inhibit the movement or the tortoise in any way as it is against the law and can result in heavy fines. If you see a tortious crossing the road don’t be afraid to help him or her cross, but make sure you place the tortious in the same direction it was walking before you moved it. The gopher tortoise has been around for millions of years and unless we work to coexist with these ancient peaceful reptiles we may not see them much longer.


The Eastern Indigo Snake:                                                                                           



While not as cute as the owl, or as well liked as the tortoise, the eastern indigo snake is just as important and just as much in danger of becoming extinct. The eastern indigo snake is a large non venomous snake that lives along the east coast of the United States. They rarely bite people and while a bite may hurt it is never fatal, they are a bluish black color and have very smooth scales. The most notable characteristic of the eastern indigo snake is their ginormous size, males growing up to 8.5 feet and females growing to 6.5 they are hard to miss. While they may sound intimidating your view on them will change drastically when you find out what they eat. Their diet consists of lizards, frogs, pests like rats, and most importantly… every single species of venomous snake in Florida. Thats right, every species of dangerous snake is hunted by the eastern indigo. They are under the protection of the federal government and on the threatened species list, this means if you are caught harassing or killing these snakes you can be fined or put in jail. They are an apex predator in their ecosystems, they keep the populations of all species smaller than them under control which means less rats and venomous snakes in our community along as there is a decent population of eastern indigo snakes. The eastern indigo is one of the 350 species that uses gopher tortoises burrows as a home. If you encounter an eastern indigo snake you should leave it alone and allow it to go about it’s business hunting the snakes that can actually cause you harm. They can be found at the Matlacha Pass National Wildlife Refuge in Cape Coral and in gopher tortoise burrows throughout the city. Without this very helpful species of snake we would see a jump in the numbers of rats and venomous snakes in the area which can lead to more often and more dangerous human animal interactions. By helping to save the burrowing owl, gopher tortoise, it will help the eastern indigo snake swell, making cape coral an even better place to live for all species, including us!

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Feb. 14, 2019

17th Annual Burrowing Owl Festival

Cape Coral will be hosting the 17th Annual Southwest Florida Burrowing Owl Festival on Saturday February 23rd 2019 from 10am until 4pm. The festival will take place at Rotary Park Environmental Center in Cape Coral.

5515 Rose Garden Road

Cape Coral, FL 33914


Admission to this one of a kind southwest Florida tradition is free however, a donation of $5 for anyone over the age of 16 is strongly encouraged. All the proceeds will go directly to local  Cape Coral wildlife protection, preservation, and education. The Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife have put on the event for the past 16 years, the group is dedicated to enhancing and preserving the threatened species. The event takes place in Cape Coral because we are home to the largest known population of the burrowing owl, and because it is the official bird of the city of Cape Coral. The annual Burrowing Owl Festival is a great place to take your family and friends to learn more and appreciate this threatened species that calls Cape Coral its’ home just like us. At the festival many wildlife and environmental organizations set up educational exhibits showcasing the burrowing owl and other animal species located in Cape Coral. Guided walks through Rotary Park will be given throughout the festival, on these walks you can expect to see plenty of native Cape Coral wildlife just not the burrowing owl, in order to see the burrowing owls in their natural habitat you need to take one of the bus tours that will take you to nearby burrows. At the festival you can learn how to make a starter burrow in person to help encourage burrowing owls to co-inhabit your property (more on how to make starter burrows later in the blog). Live animals will be present at the festival, mostly birds of prey. Bus tours are available to take you to local owl burrows, as well as demonstration on how the owls make their burrows and use them for their way of life. For small children, there are tons of free arts and crafts aimed to explore their creative abilities and create lasting memories to understand the important role of the burrowing owl in Cape Coral and Southwest Florida. Tours through the live interactive butterfly house are available all day to people of all ages, in the butterfly house you will learn all about the different species of butterflies found in Cape Coral and what they do for our ecosystems. Lots of live music and food vendors will be present at the event catering specifically to the festival. All residents of Cape Coral can find something to enjoy at the festival and help in doing our part to help save our threatened city bird, the Florida burrowing owl.

The Burrowing Owl
The burrowing owl is the smallest species of owl known to man, only growing to about the size of a soda can. Despite their small size they have a huge impact of keeping the rodent/pest populations in Cape Coral down. These cute little birds attract people from all over the world to Cape Coral to see and photograph the owls in person. Unlike most owl species the burrowing owls do not live in trees or barns, they live underground in, (you guessed it) burrows. These small, brown, yellow eyed birds are very unique, so unique that Cape Coral has a festival dedicated to them. Standing from 8-11 inches tall with a wingspan from about 20-24 inches the burrowing owl weighs less than a can of soda. They live on a diet of, crickets, moths, beetles, mice/rats, lizards, and even snakes. It seems like these little birds will eat just about anything they can! Burrowing owls are sometimes called “Howdy Owls” because of the little head nod they do when they see a person. Burrowing owls can be found all over the Americas, from as far north as Canada, to as far south as Argentina, but we are lucky enough to have the largest known population of the species right here in Cape Coral. They were not always here, in the 1950’s as Cape Coral was being developed, the newly created wide open flat land from developers chopping down trees attracted the species. Burrowing owls live in treeless areas like golf courses and agricultural land because they can look out for predators like eagles and hawks. Vacant lots found throughout Cape Coral are a personal favorite spot for the owls to dig their homes. Their homes are burrows they dig to be up to 8 feet underground. At the entrance to the burrow there is an opening about the size of a small plate which leads all the way to a nesting cavity where they lay their eggs and future their young. Burrowing owls mate for life and will live in the same nest for their entire adult lives if the conditions don’t force them to leave. Female owls lay up to 8 eggs in one week, after about a month newborn owls hatch with snowy white feathers. The baby owls are called chicks and stay in the burrow for the first few weeks of their lives. After they are about three months old they are able to take care of themselves and move out to live on their own and build their own burrows. A lot of the time building a burrow from scratch is too much work so they will take over holes made by squirrels, armadillos, and other small animals. People are encouraged to help the owls move onto their property by creating “starter burrows” for them. To make a starter burrow you must first find an area on your property that is open with little to no tree cover, then take a shovel and dig about a foot into the ground piling dirt around the entrance to the hole, lastly make a wooden perch in a T shape to get an owls attention. Demonstrations on how to do this are available online or in person at the annual Burrowing Owl Festival at Rotary Park. Burrowing owls have a life expectancy of 6-10 years but unfortunately a lot of them don’t live this long; cats, flooding, developing land, and cars kill many of these owls earlier in life. So many are killed that the Burrowing owl have been labeled a threatened species since November 2016 and are at risk of becoming the newest member to the endangered species list. With populations of burrowing owls plummeting due to habitat loss from development across the state a lot is being done to try and protect the species. It is now a felony to destroy the burrowing owls nest with fines and other penalties ranging from $100-$5,000 and jail time from 60 days- 5 years in prison. In January Cape Corals city council approved a new law allowing city police officers to enforce the state statue protecting burrowing owls. Since cape coral is growing so fast the vacant lots these owls called home are disappearing at a very fast rate. This is one of the reasons people are so strongly encouraged to build starter burrows on their properties. It is up to us to help save the burrowing owl in Cape Coral. If you are interested in doing so, going to the Festival at Rotary Park is a fantastic place to start.

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Feb. 11, 2019

4 Reasons You Should Buy a Home in Cape Coral Florida

One of the best destinations for real estate investors in the United States is in Florida. If you are looking for an out-of-this-world location with numerous geological advantages, Cape Coral is the place to be. All forms of potential real estate investments are widely available including land for commercial or residential development, and ready-to-occupy houses. Whether you are a buyer or a seller of real estate, there are a few things you need to know about Cape Coral. Talk about wildlife, canals, and numerous fun activities.

In recent years, Cape Coral has become a go-to destination for real estate in Florida; this is for a few reasons. The residents of Cape Coral have a lot to benefit, such as; year long pleasant weather, a sense of community, and plenty of access to the Gulf Of Mexico. These are some of the very reasons there is a massive amount of real estate investors looking to invest in Cape Coral. The sunny coastal region of Southwest Florida is the perfect location for a holiday home for the smart investor or the average person looking for a tropical getaway house. If you have been looking to have a home in an area teeming with beautiful wildlife, here is your opportunity. Your new home will be just minutes away from some of the most beautiful beaches in all of the United States, for example Sanibel Island is just a short drive away.

In this write-up, we intend to show you some of the reasons why you should buy a home or vacation home in Cape Coral as your number one destination for real estate investment. We will also go further to show you the things to do before buying a waterfront home in Cape Coral.

Reasons to Invest In a Cape Coral Waterfront Home

If you have money to invest in real estate, don’t sit on it. In the Cape Coral region of Florida, there are all sorts of investment options available, the longer you wait the less there will be! The following are just some of the reasons to make Cape Coral the first choice for the location of your new home:


1. Family-friendly neighborhoods

Owning a home in Florida is no longer just for people who are retired, Cape Coral is more family friendly and growing with younger families like never before. The crime rate in this town is at the lowest it has ever been. With almost 100 schools ranging from preschools, to public and private high schools Cape Coral is continuing to grow to support future generations. Clearly, any family will find Cape Coral to be both safe & educationally diverse enough for a home. Not many towns in the wider Florida a crime rate lower than in Cape Coral. Cape Coral also has many parks and is very close to Big Pine Island for weekend family trips to explore the natural beauty of Florida’s Gulf Coast.


2. Incredible Year Round Weather

When looking for a home for your family, one of the things you should consider is the climate of the area. While seasons can be nice, nobody likes shoveling snow or having the risk of black ice when driving to work or school, in Cape Coral we have a moderate subtropical climate. This means you can go to the beach year round, I have personally spent Christmas on the beach with my family building sandmen. There is no better feeling than hearing about your friends freezing up north while you’re spending a day at the pool or beach with your family. You will enjoy the elaborate network of  Gulf access canals that make this a fairly unique location to live. There are not that many places where you can buy a home with easy access to the Gulf of Mexico for a decent (arguably low) price tag. The canals move between rows of houses and drain into the Gulf of Mexico. The direct access canals are big and clear enough to allow boating using bigger vessels. If the ocean doesn’t interest you as much, freshwater canals are also very common throughout Cape Coral. If what you want is some water in your backyard or a place to go boating, paddle-boarding, and/or kayaking, homes with canals are very easy to find in Cape Coral.


3. Numerous Recreational Activities

How do you like to spend your leisure time? In Cape Coral, you will find all sorts of recreational activities such as golfing, fishing, and boating. But these are just some of the activities you can do in Cape Coral. Cape Coral is an integral part of the Gulf Coast of Florida. This means relaxing on a calm, sandy, and sunny beach is just a short drive away and is one of the many reasons to buy a home here.

Cape Coral is home to Sun Splash Family Waterpark where you can have a fun family day by going on rides such as, the log flume, tube rides, water slides, splash pads, and pools. At night, you can head off to the local theater where plays and musicals are performed.

For those who like boating, you can row your kayak right through the magnificent mangroves, or launch your own boat from your own backyard with a Gulf access canal. These are just a handful of the possible day to day activities available in Cape Coral.


4.  Southwest Florida Wildlife 

Florida is unlike any other state in the US when it comes to its unique wildlife. Cape Coral is a great representative of what Florida has to offer. Nowhere else in Florida will you encounter as many burrowing owls? In fact, there is a dedicated Annual Burrowing Owl Festival hosted by the Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife.The climate in Florida is sub-tropical, which is the reason lizards and iguanas thrive in Cape Coral. These kinds of wildlife can be seen virtually everywhere including the flower gardens, vines, atop trees, and in bushes. You don’t have to be afraid of them, given that they are harmless.

Alligators and crocodiles (yes, crocodiles, while very rare Florida does have a native species of crocodile) also call Southwest Florida their home. They inhabit the freshwater ponds, canals, bays, lakes, and marshes. It is incredibly easy to get a good view of the wildlife as they float on the water or bask in the sunshine. To avoid injuries to both yourself and the wildlife, you need to be extra careful whenever you are out on/in the water.Another kind of wildlife you will find in Southwest Florida are snakes of all types. While some of these snakes are venomous, you are safe as long as you avoid them however, interactions with snakes (especially venomous species) are few and far between. If you want to learn more about these snakes you can by visiting the Conservancy of Southwest Florida.


Don’t hesitate to buy a home in Cape Coral! Now you have several reasons to do it. If you buy a house for your family early enough, you won’t have to save up and buy one when you decide to retire in the beautiful, sunny, and friendly city of Cape Coral.

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Feb. 8, 2019

Cape Coral, The Best Place To Live

Cape Coral is one of the most strategically located places on the planet. The city is always buzzing with various activities making it the best place to be for those who love the enjoyment that is brought about by outdoor activities. Cape Coral has all sorts of fun and exciting things to do for both the young and the old alike. The city has great social amenities scattered all over and is typically a holiday get away for people up north. The year-round pleasant weather is a major attraction. This is one of those places that will light up your day regardless of how dull your day might seem. Cape Coral and surrounding areas like Fort Myers and Bonita Springs have plenty of real estate investment opportunities. Some of the things that makes Cape Coral very attractive and coveted by people all over the globe are:
It's proximity to the Gulf of Mexico - anywhere from 10 - 40 minutes on average.

The Vast Amount of Both Fresh and Saltwater Fishing
Kayaking and paddle boarding - Cape Coral has more canals then any place in the WORLD!
While most people only hear of the Gulf of Mexico, some Cape Coral residents live only a few minutes or miles away from the Gulf of Mexico. There are more than four hundred miles of canals that give residents and other people an easy reach to the Gulf of Mexico and it makes it a great place to live or cost for any boat enthusiast. With lots of new properties surrounded by the beautiful waters, you can easily make use of these canals for boat days and fishing.

The Recreational Activities
There are so many recreational activities that will keep you well entertained. Many people tend to travel to this destination with the aim of spoiling themselves with the seemingly unlimited fun and adventure. Below are some of the most involved activities to look out for whether a tourist or a local. Some of these activities range from day to day to annual events.

Experience the Kayaks
With the abundance of water throughout the area, you can easily get your kayak in the water and move around enjoying the scenic view. If you lack a kayak of your own, don’t worry, there are plenty of local spots that rent kayaks to anyone. Most kayak rental shops also offer Kayaking lessons and other related programs. You will be taken through the basics from launching the Kayaks in water all through to directing it. After successfully completing the program you should have the necessary skills to explore the local waterways on your own with confidence. This is a very good activity for anyone who loves exploring the waters or is looking for a little bit of exercise while enjoying nature.

Canal Fishing
With the long stretches of canals in Cape Coral, you can do a lot of fishing in this area. The type of fish you will get depends on whether you are on the saltwater canals or the freshwater canals. In saltwater canals expect more of the jacks, catfish, snappers, and stingrays. If you will be on the freshwater canals be ready to catch anything from peacock bass to crabs. These canals harbor so many fish that you shouldn't be surprised if you pull out a bull shark. If you have no idea on how to fish, you can pick it up with ease, lots of bait and tackle shops will be more than happy to show you the basics. This activity will often help you fade off your days calmly and gently without any problems.

Explore the Area on a Cruise
If Kayaking proves too much and too difficult, you can always rent a sunset cruise that comes with a guide. The guide’s work is to make sure that he/she shows you around the place. If you find a knowledgeable guide, you will be able to see plenty of marine life including the dolphins and manatees. Unlike other activities that involve working your muscle, cruising around the area is relaxing. Anyone can do this even a young toddler in the company of the parents. It is also a good way if you want to experience the evening breeze.

Visit the Islands
There are many small islands just off shore that can surely make your day busy by just visiting them. You can access these islands by renting a boat or even by taking a kayak. These islands have different features all which are unique and distinct. So, don't think that what you will find on one island is what you will find on the other. There are also plenty of investment properties in the area for anyone seeking a good calm place to live. These properties are strategically located only a few minutes from the famous Gulf of Mexico.

For those people who like taking pictures wherever they go, you will find the sites along the coast with incredible sunsets. With lots of tree cover and awesome environment, you can easily get the best pictures that will make your friends who don’t live in the cape jealous. While on the water you can easily capture sunset pictures. The long stretch of water can also give you a good background for photos of the numerous different bird species native to Southwest Florida. This beautiful natural city is all you need to have an album full of stunning photos varying from the city, to the gulf, and wildlife. If you are a photography enthusiast and you have never thought of taking a trip to the Cape Coral, you should start planning one, the views will amaze you.


Hiking and Biking
Through out the Cape there are many hiking trails and bike paths. To make hiking more fun, take a trip to the jungle at the ecological reserves at  Pine Island. Pine island is just a short drive from Cape Coral. Pine Island has great hiking walkways which can lead you to the waterfronts. There are so many routes, all which are interesting to hike on because of the amazing scenery and wildlife. Cape Coral is also a friendly biking community with bike rentals that are ready for you to take them for a spin. You get to see some fantastic sites such as the Caloosahatchee River and the Gulf of Mexico. All this has been made possible by the great network of bike routes throughout the Cape, and the year round warm weather. This makes day trips for hiking and biking around town possible and enjoyable.

It is evident that the three main factors that make Cape Coral a great place is it’s location, the boating access to all of the canals and the year round incredible weather. With interesting recreational activities available throughout the year as well as annual festivals like the festival of lights around Christmas time, Cape Coral is definitely one of the most interesting places to be. Cape Coral has thousands of canals running thorough out the area, giving you the opportunity to settle along either freshwater canals or saltwater canals depending on your preference. It is among the few places that you can easily have a home with direct access to a beautiful body of water with a great breeze and easy access to the gulf. Cape Coral is indeed the best place to settle or visit.

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Feb. 3, 2019

A Solution To Red Tide and Blue Green Algae

Red tide and toxic blue green algae have polluted Southwest Florida's water ways for just over the past year, the effects have been absolutely devastating to the region both ecologically and financially. Red tide has killed hundreds of thousands if not millions of fish native to the Gulf of Mexico, these fish washed up on shore of our beaches causing an awful smell and the beaches to be not only unsafe but completely unusable for a good part of the past year. Personally after moving to the Fort Myers area I’ve seen first hand the devastating affects red tide had from a trip with some friends to Fort Myers beach. As we parked we knew something was very off from the second we opened our doors, the smell hit you like a truck and made you want to vomit and drive far away, but we wanted to see for ourselves what we kept hearing on the news assuming they were exaggerating. As we made our way down to the water we couldn’t see any of the actual algae but as far as the eye could see there were thousands of dead fish from snook and redfish, to crabs and blowfish, it seemed no fish was safe or unaffected from red tide. We wandered aimlessly down the beach hoping that there would be less dead fish, but it just kept getting worse. Suddenly we saw something moving in the sand, baby sea turtles were attempting to make their first trip into the ocean. Since it was a cloudy night they couldn’t follow the moon into the sea, and instead were scuttling towards the houses that had their lights on. In a desperate attempt to save the little signs of life we had seen on the beach we pulled out our phones and turned on the flashlights as we walked into the water. Slowly but surly all the baby turtles began to make their way into the ocean and swam off hopefully to live long and happy lives (this was in September of 2018 towards the end of the worst algae blooms). This whole experience was my introduction into the Fort Myers area ,and it left me wondering how such an awful event could take place and what was being done to fix it. The effect on the environment in turn had a devastating effect on the economy, less fish meant less businesses for fisheries based out of Bonita springs who were affected the worst. Beaches like Fort Myers beach were hit extremely hard because of the lack of tourism. Restaurants and hotels had such low customer counts over the time that the red tide was rampant were struggling to fill rooms/tables, which resulted in lots of job loss along the coast. Sanibel island had such a dramatic reduction in visitors they shut down several restaurants for months because they couldn’t make ends meet. The lack of tourism came so swift and got so bad that they even opened up food banks for the folks that lived and worked out the island because they couldn't feed themselves.
After doing some research I found that red tide is nothing new, red tide has been happening for hundreds of years, and was first recorded by Spanish conquistadors in the 1400’s. After large storms red tide or similar algae blooms have been reported with almost identical effects on the environment in South America and Asia. But without a shadow of a doubt red tide has got much worse and larger in Southwest Florida as time has gone on. The question I then had is, why? What causes red tide and why has it got to the point of killing millions of fish in an area as nice as Fort Myers and Cape Coral? The reasons for this past years red tide being the worst recorded is mostly in part to Hurricane Irma. After massive storms like Irma, Lake Okeechobee gets filled up to the point of over flowing, but thanks to a dam built in the 1920’s by the Army Core of Engineers the over flowing water is funneled out through rivers like the Caloosahatchee that leads right into the gulf through Fort Myers. Before the dam, water from an over filled lake Okeechobee was filtered through the “River of Grass” and fed into the Everglades. The River of Grass was and has been a great place for agriculture bringing a large interest from U.S sugar. After the dam went up U.S sugar utilized the fertile land south of lake Okeechobee for sugar cultivation. In recent years it is thought that the algae blooms have been caused by the fertilizer from U.S sugar polluting the water runoff which has caused the blooms to happen more often and get worse. Red tide isn’t the only algae bloom to harm Florida's waterways and feed off the fertilizer polluted water. Toxic blue green algae has clogged the canals of Cape Coral and made them almost unusable. The blue green algae was linked to respiratory problems and caused skin rashes on people who came into contact with it. While red tide hurts the environment it doesn’t pose as much of a threat to humans but on the other hand toxic blue green algae can effect humans because of the closeness of the blooms. Red tide is in the Gulf while the blue green algae is throughout the inner costal water ways like canals and rivers that residents in Southwest Florida use very often.  Even though this past year has been rough for our coastal waterway they are recovering nicely. All of the beaches have been reopened and deemed safe to both swim and fish in and the algae blooms have almost disappeared. As the weather begins to warm up we can expect to see more and more people enjoying our Southwest Florida beaches such as Ft. Myers Beach and Sanibel island. As we continue to recover the fishing has slowly started to get better with lots of shark, snook, and red fish being caught along the coast.
Another sign that things will get better in the near future is an executive order signed by Ron De Santis at Florida Gulf Coast University’s marine field station. He signed an executive order for 2.5 billion dollars for Everglades restoration and water resources. In the executive order he also calls for a blue green algae task force with the sole purpose of reducing the blue-green algae impacts over the next five years. The South Florida water management District has also been instructed to immediately begin the next phase of The Everglades Agricultural Area Storage Reservoir Project through the Army Corps of Engineers. In the executive order he requires that all restoration plans are updated and secured for South Florida waterways including Lake Okeechobee the St. Lucie River and the Caloosahatchee River due to their massive impact on South Florida communities. With this executive order the plan is to lessen the effects of red tide and blue green algae by finding a temporary solution at first but to also find a permanent solution within the next 5 years, making southwest Florida a desirable place to be as things get better. With our ecosystem recovering naturally and the help from the executive order, Southwest Florida should see a prosperous next five years both economically, environmentally, and for years to come. This will bring lots of visitors, new residents, bump up tourism and this increase will bring lots of business and commerce to the local economy.
Nov. 11, 2018

Things to do in Cape Coral, FL

Every city or town has a list of activities that people can engage in for entertainment purposes. Some of these activities will vary from place to place which makes it have a unique feel. A visit to such a location should make one feel relaxed and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Here are some of the top activities to do while in Cape Coral.

1. The Rotary Park Environmental Center.

This is a tourist hit, the Rotary Environment Center has flower gardens, ponds, multi-utility trails, dog walking paths, wildlife watchtowers. It is built on a 97-acre land that comprises uplands, marsh areas, and rocky surfaces. The Rotary Park is a nature reservation that has an exclusion for dogs, some open areas and the main building. An Environmental Center is built within where one can enjoy gardening, nature-related classes and also the Burrowing Owl Festival that is normally held annually along with the regular native plant sales. The park has lizards, snakes, turtles, and fish. The Tom Allen Memorial Butterfly House is the home of butterflies and assorted from all around the world.

2. Sirenia Vista.

The Sirenia Vista is an awesome place with a beautiful waterpark. The place is famous for its water sports and paddle boating. There are beautiful sceneries and views. There are fishing services offered at an affordable rate. The area has a lush greenery and the lake crowns it all. It is the ideal for family and friends gateway to give that much-needed break from your normal life.

3. Sun Splash Water Park.

The Sun Splash Water Park in cape coral, Florida is an exciting water park. The place is famous for hosting thrilling water sports and slides. The park has all the necessary amenities just within reach. This park is a great pick for anyone who wants to take a break to relax and enjoy exciting water sports activities. The water is always clean and the lush greenery looks amazing. It is a very interesting place to take your family or friends to, for an unforgettable experience. Their staff is kind, always ready to help and make your experience a memorable one. The food area has a beautiful counter, their food is mouth watering at a very affordable price, Weekends are also ideal to visit this terrific park for a lifetime thrill.

4. Rumrunners.

The Rumrunners is a very exotic seafood restaurant in Florida. The restaurant is famous for its savory fish and lobster dishes. The interior of the restaurant is warm and cozy and also very attractive. The staff members are friendly and always willing to assist their guests. Their servings are generous although it is a bit expensive. Food lovers will definitely love the place.

5. Alligator Creek.

The Alligator Creek is the unit of Charlotte Harbor Preserve State in Punta Gorda. This place was established in the year 1987. It is located where freshwater and saltwater habitats meet. There are so many activities for kids also. the Caniff Environmental Center offers a good spot for entertainment, interactive and informative exhibits. alligator greek is awesome for picnics, there are picnic benches and quiet areas along the Eagle Point Trail. There is also hiking offered at Alligator Creek.

6. Pollo Tropical.

Pollo Tropical is a fantastic chicken restaurant. The place is well known for its fast food and dishes on chicken. Both kids and grown-ups throng this place for a taste of their delicacies. Their decor is very attractive, very warm and homely. They have very friendly staff who are always ready to help. The restaurant is easy to find.

7. Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve.

The Four Miles Cove Ecological Preserve is a beautiful reserve for nature. It has stunning views and a lot of greenery. The place is beautiful with nature and is well maintained, it is a great place to visit. It has natural sights, beautiful views and has a very relaxing atmosphere. Here is where nature lovers go to relax and have a good time. It is a mangrove forest that has different types of wild life. There are great views of the river from several different spots throughout the trails.

8. Yacht Club Community.

The Yacht Club community is situated in the greenest part of Cape Coral. This is one of Cape Corals only beaches that has great views of the river and wildlife. There is a nice restaurant and a boardwalk to stroll down with your loved ones. This park is the best relaxing spot in Cape Coral. The park will definitely give relax your mind giving you beautiful memories.


9. Ford's Garage (Cape Coral)

Fords Garage has an amazing decor, it gives you that relaxed atmosphere as soon as you check in.

The cloth napkins and oil rags with hose clamp napkin rings. The bathroom handles and sink are an art in themselves. The place has the most amazing burgers ever. All their food is delicious, you just can't help but go for a second and third helping. This is a normal burger and beer point, nothing exquisite or high-class but definitely cozy and warm,


10. Angling Adventures.

Angling Adventure is that place that you find yourself going back to every time you are on vacation. It is simply amazing. The fishing expedition is an experience that one will never forget. The guides are very knowledgeable, incredibly professional, good in character and always ensures their visitors have a good experience and the time of their lives. captain Cliff will definitely give you an experience you will never forget. He is kind, has a lot of knowledge of everything that is surrounding him, he is patient, has a good sense of humor and will ensure your time there is worth it.


11. Cape Coral Historical Society.

This a small place that is very rich in information and the history of Cape Coral. You definitely have to go to this place so that you can learn all about Cape Coral and her rich history.


12. Palmetto- Pine Country Club.

This is an amazing place to visit, however, it requires a lot of planning and putting all the logistics in place. They have amazing food, amazing staff that is always at hand to offer assistance when needed. There is a lot of amazing options to chose from should you decide to spend the night there. There are so many activities that one can indulge in too.

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Nov. 8, 2018

Cape Coral Property Ladder

Ever wonder about starting out on the property ladder? Ever looked in the mirror and thought, you know what I want to do today? I want to own a house. Or, even better, have you ever seen the builder in you looking back in the mirror with tool belt gleaming? With a look of disgust as you wonder how your current place hasn’t crumbled to dust yet? It can’t be that hard, surely.

Whether it’s a house you are after, or just the land to start from scratch, and build your family home like a real old school prospector. Or, maybe you’re looking to sell up, move on, maybe retire in a beach house, or just wander the earth till you find somewhere new, making anywhere you lay your head your home. Whatever the case we are the Real Estate Brokerage of your dreams, we are a growing company with competitive prices offer great value for money.

Not convinced? Maybe we should guide you around the area first. With its many canals and waterways Cape Coral, Florida is one of the biggest hotspots out there. It has a large population of Manatees, otherwise known as the Cows of the sea, and who doesn’t like cows right? Though I’m not sure if a Manatee burger would taste quite as nice as a
beef burger.

If it’s Wildlife you’re after then this is most definitely the place for you, as it is a peninsula it is surrounded by
water and has an extensive network of Mangroves offering an excellent habitat to a vast variety of bird life. Don’t get too close though, you never know what may lie beneath. Located just 8 miles from the Matlacha Pass Wildlife Refuge,
which covers approximately 538 acres, you will never be too far from that beautiful, I’m in the arse end of nowhere feeling.

If it’s fitness you’re into then we got you covered for that too. With a massive amount, some might say excessive amount, of gyms all within walking distance of the city centre. Or maybe you prefer staying fit without the cost or claustrophobic feeling of visiting a gym, maybe you just get annoyed by people hogging the machine every time you want to use it, well there’s outside activities too. With an extensive array of waterways most of which offer great Kayaking and some of which are linked to the Gulf of Mexico.

Maybe cycling is your thing, well, how does 90 miles of interconnected cycling tracks, passing through some of the most breath-taking scenery this world has to offer sound? In the early morning you will see avid bikers pedaling their way, taking in the sights, throughout Cape Coral.

Maybe you just want your first home buying experience to be a business venture, somewhere you can rent out to tourists whilst having the piece of mind that, if and when you want to, you have a nice little get away retreat to visit. Cape Coral is in desperate need of more vacation rentals. During our peak vacation season - January through March - most vacation rentals are book out a year or more in advance.

Well, Cape, Coral is still number one on that list. With roughly 355 days of sunshine each year and located within
travelling distance of Miami but with cheaper facilities it is a tourist hotspot too. Although, it rains almost everyday in the wet/summer season it is almost always sunny before and after the afternoon rains that come like clockwork.

With the Cape Coral Historical Museum and the Southwest Florida Military Museum we have all the wanna be historians
covered from several angles too. The Military Museum is one of the largest in Southwest Florida and hosts many exhibits from different wars and occupations.

Maybe nightlife or dining is more of your concern. Well, I got news for you buddy, yep that’s right, Cape Coral is
bubbling with culture too, there are several high end bars offering many different atmospheric environments, whether you just want a quiet drink with your friends after work or you want to dance the night away till your soles are
sore, and you need to be carried home by the first gentleman who sweeps you off your feet. Maybe you care more about live bands and want to head bang, or just sit and admire some real musical talent then Cape Coral has all that you're looking for and more... much, much more.

Restaurants for example, are plentiful to say the least, boasting some great fine dining places with a varied array of
food offering many different cultural experiences, there’s Italian, American, Seafood and Mexican to name a few. Oh of course we shouldn’t forget about the vegetarians or vegan’s either. Cape Coral has you all covered dude, everyone is equal.

Did I just hear someone say, what about shopping? Well, now, you just aren’t getting me that easily. Of course, there’s
shopping, everywhere has shopping. With over 20 shopping centres home to around 30 shopping outlets each, Cape Coral has some of the best shopping available, and again most of them are easily accessible from the city centre.

But mate, what about schools? I just want to know that moving here would be good for my kids. Well sorry mate I can’t
help you there, if it’s education you want, you better move to India. Ha got you! Of course, there are several schools around the area, so I’m sure your kids won’t hate for packing up and moving them down to the sun, whilst not
compromising on their education. The school system is school choice, meaning that your kids don't have to go to the closest school. The schools are wonderful and the teachers are fantastic.

If none of what I have said has convinced you that Cape Coral, Florida is the right place for you to be buying a
house then I’m not sure anything will, but if you have read this article and it struck a chord on your heart strings, something I sincerely hope it has done. Then Bartomeo Realty is the best choose you will ever make to help you
achieve this dream.

Well maybe we can help. Bartomeo Realty is a real estate company designed especially for the home buyers and home sellers, we have extensive property located in the Cape Coral area of Florida and a bustling team of experts who will be ready and willing to help you, with any and all, of your real estate needs. All the while ensuring you get the best customer service and leave you with a smile on your face big enough to compete with any Cheshire cat you may come across.

And, for those of who we mentioned, that want to sell their property or their land in Cape Coral, Florida and move on to
another venture, Bartomeo Realty can offer you a competitive rates and aide you in finding the perfect tenant that will give your old home all the sweet love and care that would help you sleep tight at night knowing you haven’t passed your home on to some misfit drug lord or crocodile hunting madman.

Either way don’t hesitate to give our team a call and we will happily help and answer any questions you may have about real estate of Southwest Florida.


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Nov. 3, 2018

Cape Coral, FL - Selling a House

Selling a House in Cape Coral, Florida

Selling a house in Cape Coral, Florida can be a bit challenging and the biggest questions are: where do you start? What do you need to know? What do you need to have? It can often seem complicated and overwhelming to most people.

Today we will review all this, giving you all the information on how to get your home sold, so, that the process of selling your home isn't so complicated. We will give you everything you need to know to make you seem like one of the experts.

How is a home's value determined?

There are several ways to determine the value of a home. You can have an appraiser carry out an evaluation based on similar houses in the neighborhood. There are a number of things that they take into consideration when estimating the value of your house. They include construction quality, location, square footage and high end upgrades. You can also have a real estate broker to carry out an analysis of other similar houses in the market and then present the report to you. You will find that most brokers will do this analysis for free for you in the hope that you will give them the chance to earn your business. Most homeowners have a difficult time finding reliable information to get an accurate value of their house. They often look at what houses are currently listed for and have very little access to the houses that have already sold. Sold values are more accurate because someone actually paid that price. As opposed to a listed house being at a price that the seller wishes they get. If you are selling a house in Cape Coral, Florida, you can look up a few real estate brokers who can assist you with this process but it is difficult to find a knowledgeable one that can gauge the true value of your house. They should have experience, a proven track record of sales, and has positive reviews throughout the internet. 

How do you prepare a house for sale?

The first thing you should do is get it in the best possible condition by doing low cost repairs and cleaning. Do any repairs that are obvious to the buyer like a broken window, a leaking roof, squeaky hinges, nail holes in the drywall, and a thorough cleaning. The next step is to improve the outdoor appeal of the house. Ensure that house paint is not faded, chipped or cracked. Make sure that you mow your lawn, get rid of any debris and also ensure that your garden is presentable. If you do not have a garden you can plant a few flowers near the entrance to make the house more appealing. Make sure that the doorbell works, clean the windows, clean the rooms, furnishings, floors, and ceilings. Eliminate the source of bad smells in the house. Have a family member or a friend come through and ask them if the house feels cluttered and what items should be removed to make the house feel more open and spacious.

Who is obliged to provide pertinent information about a property?

This is normally the seller's responsibility. The responsibility to disclose information about a house varies. If you are selling your house in Cape Coral, Florida and you have an agent then it is both yours and the agents responsibility to disclose this information. Both, you the seller and the agent are required to disclose facts that affect the value or the desirability of the property. This information may only be privy to the house seller and it is their responsibility to inform the agent. Some examples of the information one should disclose include: any renovations done on the home that may not meet local building codes, any noises that may be problematic but buyer may not notice, any dues owed to a homeowners association, a leak in the roof, and a septic system not working properly. If you are selling a house in Cape Coral, Florida it is important for you to review the state's disclosure rules prior to selling a house. If you do not disclose a fact and later there is a problem the seller could be liable for all repairs and other damages include lost wages.

What repairs should be done by the seller before and after the inspection process?

I often suggest having a licensed Home Inspector complete a pre-inspection before you list a property. Most purchase contracts have an inspection clause that allows a buyer to be able to cancel the contract in the event that they find defects that have not been addressed. It is best to repair these items before you list the property to avoid misleading the buyer. No matter how perfect the house is the inspector will always find items that were over looked or not known to the seller. At this point the buyer has the option to cancel the contract or to proceed. If they chose to continue with the purchase process the buyers may be able to dictate the repairs that they want fixed before the purchase the home. In other cases the buyer and seller can negotiate on what repairs they want completed OR if they will accept the house As Is but at a lower price.

Can a "problem neighbor" reduce the value of a house?

The short answer is ABSOLUTELY! If there is a home next door that is not well kept it can deter the prospective buyers from buying or even entering the house. If you are selling a house in Cape Coral you can check online or other places like the public library or online to see what you can do about your neighbor that may not be maintaining their property in the best condition. For example, if your neighbor has an immobile vehicle that looks junky the law may require that a disabled vehicle be placed behind a fence. If your neighbor runs a home-based business the law may require them to change their residential address to a commercial address. If they are doing some work on their home that produces loud noises you may find that they are breaking noise-control ordinances. The police department is supposed to enforce this all laws and local ordinances. It would be wise to talk with your neighbor first and even provide them with a copy of the ordinances that they are breaking to see if they would be willing to correct the issues before you contact the authorities.

How to Market Your House that is for sale?

It is important to understand how an agent finds buyers in order to know what marketing methods they should use when selling your house. They should create excitement about your house in the market by marketing aggressively and consistently. They should use a LOT of online platforms like the MLS, Zillow Facebook, and YouTube but they should also use traditional ways like flyers, yard signs, open houses, door knocking, broker opens houses and calling potential buyers. Whatever gets the word out quickly and continues to keep buyers interested in the house. A big part of this process is having high quality photos and videos done by a professional photographer. 98% of buyers use the internet to search for houses and what they see are photos and video. Drone photography and video can increase the value of a home in Cape Coral because gives the prospective buyer a birds eye view of the canals, river, and lakes.

Marketing a House

While the marketing campaign is running you may receive a few purchase offers. There are quite a few technicalities involved at this point and most sellers are not able to navigate through this process on their own. They normally need an experienced agent. Either way all offers need to be evaluated including the terms and conditions of each. You should be looking to get the highest price possible while reducing your exposure and while at the same time ensuring you select the offer with the conditions that ensure interests are protected.


Once you and the buyer agree to price, terms and condition the title company will start working to ensure that the buyer is getting a house that is free and clear of any liens and that no one else will lay claim to the ownership of the property. There is more detail here then we will be able to explore in this article.

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Oct. 20, 2018

A Beautiful Day at Lakes Park- Ft. Myers FL

Today was a beautiful day enjoy the outdoors at Lakes Park in Fort Myers Florida. My daughters and I packed up a picnic basket and headed out to enjoy the day.  It was only a 20 minute drive from our house in Cape Coral but depending on where you live in Cape Coral it could be less than 10 minutes.

When we arrived we found out that there was a Halloween festival that had scarecrow contest, pumpkin patch, and lots of other things to do including places to eat and drink. We walked through the children’s garden were there were lots of plants and flowers to see but it was also decorated for Halloween. The trail was decorated with lots of large inflatables and decorations. There was a pumpkin patch with thousands of pumpkins in all types of shapes and sizes. They even had pumpkin bowling which the kids loved. There was a scarecrow contest where different businesses and organizations sponsored their scarecrow or exhibit. Some of these got very detailed and were very large. We voted for the one that we thought was the best scarecrow by dropping a chip that we were given when we entered into a bucket for the corresponding scarecrow.

There were lots of families with kids all throughout the park but there weren't any areas of the park that felt overcrowded. It was easy for us to find an area of the park where we could set up our picnic blanket and picnic basket where we were able to eat lunch in a quiet shaded area right off of the lake. We had our own family time there with very little interaction from the other families and park dwellers who were enjoying their time. We had a few interactions with some of the local wild birds and even a squirrel. The kids took off their shoes and ran around in the grass barefoot. My two oldest daughters bumped around the volleyball while my youngest daughter and I enjoyed laying down in the shade talking about how enjoyable the day was.

There are lots of things to do at Lakes Park in Ft. Myers. There is a huge walking trail that took us about an hour (at a slow pace to walk around). There are lots of shade trees along the path as not to make the heat too unbearable while you are enjoying the walk. We saw lots of small wildlife including several different kinds of birds that are native to Lee County. There are many things to do for the kids at the park including, two splash pads, two sand volleyball courts, and two play ground areas. You can rent bicycles, paddleboats, a canoes to go out on the lake and enjoy the tranquility. You can even bring your own vessels and launch them at the far end of the lake.

All in all Lakes Park is another reason why Ft. Myers and cape Coral are two of the fastest growing cities in the United States. The weather is great, the lifestyle is laid back, and there are plenty of things to stay occupied and enjoy your time. 

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