Katherine Topper


Bartomeo Realty

2706 SE Santa Barbara Pl, Cape Coral, FL 33904

"It is truly a gift in which I excel! I absolutely love working with people and helping them any way that I can. I pour my heart and soul into every person I meet, which is why the real estate industry seemed the perfect fit for me. I enjoy making people happy and helping them find their dream home! I work exceptionally hard for each and every person and they are always my top priority!
I have always had a passion for real estate. I even took courses in high school in drafting and interior design because I knew this was something I wanted to pursue. I enjoy watching DIY in my spare time and love everything associated with it. Lowes is definitely my favorite store and I own a vast array of tools. I'm  not afraid to get my hands dirty! Of all of the things I have done in my life, this is by far my favorite. I have been able to help some wonderful people, see some beautiful (& sometimes not so beautiful) homes, see parts of Florida I would not otherwise have seen and also get to work alongside amazing people in this brokerage, which I am truly blessed to be a part of."
Katherine Topper